Sunday, November 29, 2009

all things are set before us
like the hidden
wanting to be found
seething in the branches
of a lemon tree
turned up
and the sky
falling faintly
faintly falling
for your attention


Jenny said...

I came to think of something with indefinite contours approaching from obscure vegetation. The alliteration enhanced that feeling. Nice poem.

Megan Duffy said...

So brilliant that you use a lemon tree... a tree with such sharp, grabbing scent and sight.

I agree with Jenny-- the alliteration creates a pleading whispering for attention.


Francis Scudellari said...

Really nice. I love the overall feeling of things turned upside down.

Jon said...

your instincts on this poem are quite close to what I was thinking in the writing... not that that's always the point (know what I mean)... thanks for the kind thoughts

can ya almost taste it! some zest is always good... bitter sweet lemon drops... you ever have those drinks?

Francis S,
Thanks for the comment... I like the world (or the sky) upside down as well... maybe that's something to do with all the reading of Finnegans Wake I've been doing lately... ;)

Ande said...

you do turn things upside down here. I also read this as a meditation over life, its general rules and multitude of wishes.

Jon said...

thanks andre... kind of an inverted bode tree, eh? wonder what the Buddha would have found if he'd been thinking on his head?