Monday, November 9, 2009

they walked with purple angels

ricky don't write no poems
sally don't paint no walls
more fun than a barrel of monkeys
going over niagara falls

josie walked down first street
didn't mean no harm, she
wore high heeled sneakers and a purple dress
from the salvation army

two old maids in a folding bed
watching jerry springer
a billion bees in their bonnets
not one of them with a stinger

bobbi and billi were siamese twins
but no one ever saw them together
they stood on the corner at three a m
singing stormy weather

my favorite eggs are bacon
my favorite drink is ham
i'm an old fashioned feller
it's just the way i am

i walked with purple angels
and sang with pinstriped frogs
i read the new york times every morning
as the world goes to the dogs

i could go on like this forever
but mercy is my style
i'll get up and do the crossword
after a little while


Jenny said...

Thank you for this lovely post!

I am very pleased to see so many great poets and poems on this new blog.

Ande said...

A song by Lou Reed popped up in my head while reading your poem. It repeated for a while until I managed to shut it out. I like your poem (as it is).

Christine Gram said...

Darling; this made me smile.

Akeith Walters said...

A nice smile of a poem.

rhoda said...

thanks to all. glad you liked it.

Francis Scudellari said...

Part of me wishes it did go on forever. I love the voice of this.