Monday, November 9, 2009

senza ombrello

The headline read
Cold and a little humid... perfect for the super flu
Could have said,
The perfect weather to stay in bed
Or hide under your umbrella
Or the thoughts in your head
Whispers of snow
Breaths of ice
Wet the tracks, white the ties
Falling gently like rain, but lighter...
Lighter in layers
Of silk cotton and wool
Pulled from their beds
Spun woven and wrapped
Just to lift you up
When you find the weather
Senza ombrello


Ande said...

A very atmospheric poem, mastering the rhythm and breath of the elements.
Thank you.
A very good idea to have a "contributors" list. I changed it into a blog list, so that everyone can edit it (this is not possible in the "contributors" list).

Akeith Walters said...

Ande is right. Good ebb and flow in the words.

Anonymous said...

Caio Christine,

I liked this very much. Somehow the atmosphere reminds me of a 50s film.

I love La Bella Italia.