Friday, November 13, 2009

green trampoline

the gypsy had a violin
the clown a trampoline
and when they bounced upon it
the universe turned green

go on like that forever
the king politely asked
and so they kept on bouncing
at their appointed task

the gypsy hit his head
against the moon
but that was no excuse
to lose his tune

the clowns mellifluous tears
put out the sun
and the lettuce and tomato
ran away with the bun

leaving the poor burger
high and dry
to watch the rabbit
write upon the sky

the line forms on the left
to watch the eclipse
and fatso gets dizzy
when skinny dips

and on the right
the queen of sheba sails
away to byzantium
in her seventeen veils

which float to heaven
from the magicians hat
and the clown says
i wish i'd thought of that

and the rabbit replies
you'll think of something better
so i sat down and wrote this song
in a letter


Jenny said...

I like how the rythm and melody bounces and extends like rubber.

Thanks for your fine poem and artwork!

Anonymous said...

I felt wrapped up in your tale (poem). It could go on forever within its rhythms and flow.

gerry boyd said...

way to go Rhoda! you have a groove thing going on here.