Sunday, November 8, 2009

lion tamer

twenty six
miles away

and i still
want to be

one of the
class clowns, and

if only
i could stop

the lion
tamer from

his sad and

ways and go
back to the

broken fence
where we first

escaped from
uncle john

and the first
law of the

blue roller
coaster while

the clown cried
twenty six

twenty six
miles to east

st louis
ladies and

before the

white merry
go round stops

and all the

red horses
run away


Akeith Walters said...

Great poem...especially with the added art and color in the decor. Nice touch.

Jenny said...


Fine poem with a flowing rhythm. It is also great that you added your personal artwork here.

Thank you for being an administrator. I am glad to have you here.

timmy said...

thanks for the invites. looks likes the page is off to a great start.
i think allowing crossposts is a big plus.

Unknown said...


Lovely cadence. I don't know your intention, but being a lifelong midwesterner of USA, I surely know a few lion tamers. Be you anything but a hero, you will be tamed here.

Oh, the flinging consequence of systems (merry go rounds) that produce so much anarchy and self organization. "Red horses."


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I was tamed long ago. I was never a lion, though.

Great poem, Timmy.