Thursday, November 26, 2009

I do things I do not understand: volume infinity

I had a daughter who bounced upon my knee,
she was the light of my life with her giggling glee.

one day she smiled at a boy from another tribe,

so me and her uncles
took her to a barren place


buried her to her neck
to prevent indecency


threw rocks at her head
until we were sure that she was dead.

we have cellphone pictures and video
if you need proof that I'm a man.


Jenny said...

And then things like that actually happen in 2009.

I am not sure whether you also write short stories or not. But after reading this I feel pretty sure that you master that narrative genre as well.

Akeith Walters said...

strong, thought-jolting images here

Marisol Cragg de Mark said...

Your language goes direct to the point. This kind of things still exists, but they should not happen.
Your poem is terribly good.
Regards from Berlin.

Rocío L´Amar Poeta de Chile said...

¡¡¡fuertísimo!!!, pero bien logrado el poema, besos, Rocío