Monday, November 23, 2009

the bears and the stars

i waited for the bear
at the mouth of my cave
i was hungry
he was hungry too

the clouds blew away
and the stars shone down
but the bear
didn't show up

i went down into the valley
with some other humans
they were looking
for bears too

we started to build cities
i built london, baghdad and san francisco
the man from the next cave built cairo and paris
i watched a woman build new york and tokyo

when we were almost finished
the bears showed up
they weren't too happy
because they couldn't see the stars any more

i gave my bear a diet coke
and a package of cheese and crackers
he grumbled a bit
but he took them

then we all stood around
looking at the dark sky


Ande said...

I loved this one. Cooperation is a good thing, but I anyway think the bears should have knocked them a bit.

Francis Scudellari said...

A very modern fable that puts me in the mind of Native American creation myths. The bears definitely got a bad deal. Great ending... very simple but telling.

Anonymous said...

The dark sky is vast. I met a bear once. He or she was huge and had large teeth.

I was in a car.

Ellie Great said...