Monday, November 23, 2009

Thought experiment

I may or may not be:
a posited feline absurdity
curled up on comma paws
inside Herr Schrödinger's booby-trapped box.

Its flask of uncertain
whether smashed to poison my mighty mews
and spew a gray-mouthed cloud
that inky clots neither's sharpening pen.

Entangled buts become
stranded as knots of fuzzy pink yarn send
either-or careening
arm and arm down imperfect pictured paths,

where Epimetheus
stands, ready to wed Pandora anew,
and doom-birth our many
worlds with the lifting of my thousand lids.

Francis Scudellari


Jenny said...

A very interesting read! It was rewarding to read it aloud as well. Especially these parts:

"curled up on comma paws/inside Herr Schrödinger's booby-trapped box"

"whether smashed to poison my mighty mews/and spew a gray-mouthed cloud"

timmy said...

this is excellent - clever, and very effective visually

Garth said...

You are and you are not - simultaneously. Nice

Anonymous said...

chortle, chortle. "Erwin Schroedinger will kill you like a cat in a box... maybe."

Francis Scudellari said...

Jenny, Thanks. I tried to work in both consonance and assonance, plus a little slant rhyme.

Timmy, Thanks so much.

Pisces, Thanks. I like to embrace my contradictions.

Neil, It's the maybe that always gets you.

Mariana Soffer said...

I found your blog really interesting, congrats, it is a nice discovery for me.
I liked this poem, it casually relate with my blog last entry, that talk about the self. And I also find interesting your writting style

Francis Scudellari said...

Hi Mariana, I just read your post and it's very interesting. I think this idea of self and the limits of our sensory perception is an important concept for people to grasp. As artificial intelligence develops, and the breadth of our abilities (through it) to describe the universe expands greatly, we could see some interesting paradigm shifts.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Gosh, I would not trust Herr Schrödinger with a pet.