Thursday, November 12, 2009

Geomagnetically Induced Current

Once currents ironed my vision and
Armageddon deflowered my eyes.

I am not afraid of the magnetopause;
death is not void,
being is not plasma.

Bartels rotation number
concludes that we all must

He must never come back,
he must never come back.

The shrewd Sheppard
on hills recyclable
will not consume me.


Anonymous said...

magnetopause. that's HOT.

gerry boyd said...

a wonderful existential meditation with undertones of angst and overtones of belief in something: Ah, the human condition in times of the midnight sun. bravo for the adept insinuations without the brute and boring machinations of a boring logical-positivism. a poet can only hint at things i fear. good will hinting my fine poet friend.

ps: love "Armageddon deflowered my eyes." Yikes! and yes.