Wednesday, March 10, 2010

portrait of a cool cat on mars

an alien beatnik behind venusian blinds
hoists a medallion drunk on overdrive-

before the paisley Nehru, a turtleneck.
before the beads, black berets and finger snaps.
before the struggle with arms akimbo.

(Kum Ba Ya, my sweet lord, Kum Ba Ya)

apres les deluge: bongo, bongo, bongo.


Jenny said...

Delightful piece and amusing. :) All the b's make the "cool cat on mars" bounce.

RUDHI Rüscher said...


human being said...

this is great, Gerry!
love it when some witty and deep thoughts are coated with playfulness and humor...
this was a psycho-sociological study of such people... seems their rejection remains on the surface... like their clothes...

especially loved 'venusian blinds'
it was more than a play on venetian blinds... much more!

how masterly done!

Francis Scudellari said...

Wow, that conjured quite a comical visual.

Anonymous said...

This was so cool. I like this.

Claudette Cohen said...

Very Da-Da and fun.