Saturday, March 6, 2010

When we were engaged, I had never tasted

an avocado.

It almost seems crazy

I love 

It also seems crazy
that we were engaged

and that I straightened my hair
and didn’t read

books, only magazines
with multiple choice quizzes

that determine what kind of jungle animal
is representative of your sex appeal

but never really work
because your answers never match the answers in the bubbles

and you have to guess what your answer would be closest to
in a hypothetical situation.

I guess it’s hard to reconcile
certain phases of my life.

I mean,
the avocado

is practically its own food group.


Anonymous said...

I am going to be carrying this with me for a very, very long time.

Hannah Miet said...

Does this mean I get to grace the inside of your pockets?

I'd be honored.

human being said...


this is my little isle
with a perfect profile
you can greet me with a smile
or make my life an exile
past always passes through presence
juice compiling joyfully to reconcile



RUDHI Rüscher said...

How nice to learn English!

Francis Scudellari said...

There's a wonderful grace in the flow of this piece, along with some brilliant observations. I like that the love for avocados endured even though the relationship soured.

One Love Photo said...

just wonderful.

The Scrybe said...

Again, it flows perfectly. Enjoyed :)

Hannah Miet said...

Thank you all.

I love the feedback.

gerry boyd said...

It's all about true, isn't it? Bravo!

GoGo said...

like. I can't believe I had to go to college to appreciate the avocado... a beautiful subject.

~GoGo :)

ms. deerling said...

wow this really resonates with me. beautifully written, and so honest. lovely!

Claudette Cohen said...

This touches on a painful and ubiquitous truth in a colorful and entertaining way. Quite a successful poem.