Monday, November 30, 2009

Arbitrary Abattoir

the painful honesty
of someone
thirty years older
than me and her
face looks redder
and fatter as
I dive under her
lab rock.

The laboratory
utensils becomes
entirely erotic for me and
she gives me flavored
shots every time now.

chromosome repair systems
are able
since I can feel her
different skin types mix
younger smoother.

I find a
wrecked penis
forgotten on a bench
as I do the daily cleaning
of the perimeters
bless this position
sterility my friend
I am helping her
bending over
every time
I do it.


Ande said...

The title is fantastic; Arbitrary Abattoir. The imagery was comical. I wondered what kind of abattoir you are writing about?

Jenny said...

This is what I would call burlesque.

Francis Scudellari said...

The narrative flow is excellent. Although there's something about the images that's a bit disturbing, there's a quirkiness about the narrator that I appreciate.

David said...

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